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100. Phaius Loureiro, Fl. Cochinch. 2: 517, 529. 1790.

鹤顶兰属 he ding lan shu

Authors: Xinqi Chen, Phillip J. Cribb & Alexandra Bell

Herbs, terrestrial, with pseudobulbs, sometimes stemlike. Roots densely hairy. Pseudobulb sometimes stemlike, tufted, with few to many nodes, often sheathing, with several leaves on upper part. Leaves large, plicate, petiolate, apex acuminate to acute, with long, tubular sheath tightly embracing stem or sometimes equitant forming a pseudostem. Inflorescences 1 or 2, lateral on nodes of pseudobulb, higher or lower than leaves; peduncle with a few sparse sheaths; raceme with a few sparse or with many dense flowers, unbranched or rarely with a few branches at base; floral bracts large, apex acute; flowers ascending on raceme, often large. Sepals and petals subsimilar; lip adnate to column at base, separated from column or ± adnate to basal wings of column, base with short spur or spurless, nearly 3-lobed or unlobed, ± embracing column. Column long and stout, upper part enlarged, usually winged; rostellum large or inconspicuous, unlobed; stigma lateral; anther terminal, 2-locular; pollinia 8, waxy, in 2 groups, attached by caudicles to a sticky substance.

About 40 species: tropical Africa, Madagascar, tropical and subtropical Asia to Oceania; nine species (four endemic) in China.

1 Plants with cylindric stemlike pseudobulbs (15-)20-80 cm   (2)
+ Plants with conic, ovoid, or cylindric-ovoid pseudobulbs 1-14 cm   (5)
2 (1) Pseudobulb stout, 3-5 cm in diam.; inflorescences shorter than 25 cm; flowers cream-white, not widely opening.   5 P. columnaris
+ Pseudobulb slender, less than 3 cm in diam.; inflorescences longer than 35 cm   (3)
3 (2) Flowers yellowish green.   1 P. takeoi
+ Flowers purplish red or pink   (4)
4 (3) Mid-lobe of lip with white hairy ridges adaxially.   3 P. mishmensis
+ Mid-lobe of lip glabrous.   4 P. wenshanensis
5 (1) Inflorescences not exceeding leaves; leaves with yellow spots; flowers yellow.   2 P. flavus
+ Inflorescences exceeding leaves; leaves green   (6)
6 (5) Inflorescences (peduncle, rachis, floral bracts) with blackish brown scaly hairs.   8 P. hainanensis
+ Inflorescences glabrous   (7)
7 (6) Plants 20-35 cm tall; sepals and petals 1.5-2.2 cm.   9 P. delavayi
+ Plants ca. 100 cm or more tall; sepals and petals 4-7 cm   (8)
8 (7) Pseudobulb 6-8 cm; flowers nutant; petals lacking brown-red spots abaxially; spur shorter than 1 cm.   6 P. tancarvilleae
+ Pseudobulb 10-14 cm; flowers spreading; petals with brown-red spots above middle abaxially; spur longer than 1 cm.   7 P. wallichii

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