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FOC | Family List | FOC Vol. 23 | Cyperaceae | Hypolytrum

4. Hypolytrum shurenii D. A. Simpson & G. C. Tucker
[sp. nov.]

树仁割鸡芒 shu ren ge ji mang

Type: China. Hainan: Changjiang, 10 Dec 1933, Liang Xiangri 66046 (holotype, MO!).

Haec species Hypolytro humili Boeckeler affinis, sed ab eo culmis capillaribus, foliis 2-6 mm latis ad apicem caudatis, spicis 1 vel 2 atque nucula ellipsoideo-ovoidea differt.

Paratypes: Hainan: Ledong Li Autonomous County, 3 Jul 1936, Liu Xinqi 27397 (MO); Dongfang City, 10 Dec 1955, Hainan Station 237 (MO); Qiongzhong County, 11 Dec 1956, Anonymous 3677 (MO); Baisha County, 24 Feb 1936, Liu Xinqi 25437 (MO); Ya County (now Sanya), 28 Jul 1933, Huang Zhi 33414 (MO).

Perennials, 30-45 cm tall. Roots fibrous. Rhizomes to 1 cm thick, hardened, oblique to horizontal, covered with tough fibrous remnants of leaf sheaths. Culms lateral/axillary, (5-)10-20 cm tall, delicate, flexuose, smooth or scabridulous but scabrous on winged angles, basally flattened, apically becoming roundly 3-angled. Leaves basal, tufted; leaf sheath reddish, to 14 cm, not closed, slightly folded, smooth, margin thickly membranous; leaf blade linear, 15-30 cm × 2-6 mm, flat or slightly plicate, leathery, glabrous, margin and abaxial midvein serrulate, apex with a slender 3-6 cm cauda. Involucral bracts 2(or 3), deltate, 2-3 mm, shorter than spike; basalmost bract with tubular or amplexicaul sheath to 1 mm. Inflorescences of 1 or 2 spikes (if 2 then proximal one stalked, subtended by a bladeless sheath up to 6 mm). Spikes ovoid, 4-5 mm, with 10-20 glumelike bracts and pseudospikelets. Glumelike bracts yellowish brown, spirally arranged and imbricate, ovate-deltate, 2.5-3 mm, leathery, ca. 7-veined, keeled, margin white membranous, apex rounded; basal 3 bracts sterile, apical ones each with a pseudospikelet. Pseudospikelets with 2 glumes, 3 male flowers, and 1 female flower, ca. 2 × 1 mm; glumes light brown, lateral and opposite, connate on adaxial (and ?abaxial) side, narrowly elliptic, cymbiform, ca. 2.5 mm, membranous, keeled, spinulose on keel especially distally, each with a male flower. Anther linear, ca. 0.7 mm; connective apex slightly prolonged beyond anther. Style ca. 0.5 mm; stigmas 2. Nutlet light brown, stipitate, ellipsoid-ovoid (widest at mid-length), ca. 2.3 × 1.1 mm, roundly 3-sided, irregularly rugose, apex apiculate. Fl. and fr. Dec-Jul.

● Open woods, clearings; 900-1400 m. Hainan.


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