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FOC | Family List | FOC Vol. 14 | Ericaceae

1. Rhododendron subg. Rhododendron

杜鹃亚属 du juan ya shu

Shrubs, more rarely trees, usually evergreen, seldom deciduous, sometimes epiphytic; young shoots densely scaly, often without hairs, sometimes also pubescent, hispid or woolly. Leaf blade normally leathery; abaxial surface densely scaly, often also adaxial leaf surfaces, pedicels, calyx, corolla, ovary, and style, hairs generally absent, rarely simple pilose. Inflorescence terminal or axillary, umbellate-racemose or shortly racemose, 1- to many-flowered: flowers opening after leaf emergence. Calyx usually small or not well-developed, 5-lobed; corolla small to large, funnelform to campanulate, tubular-campanulate or salver-shaped, only rarely actinomorphic, white, red, yellow or purple, flecked within; stamens (5–)10(–27). Ovary 5–6(–12)-locular; style declinate to deflexed. Capsule oblong or ovoid, densely scaly, valves subwoody, deflexed on splitting. Seeds many, sometimes with appendages at both ends.

About 500 species: Asia, Europe, North America, two species in Australia; 184 species (113 endemic) in China.

1 Capsules with rather thin valves that twist after dehiscence; placenta generally free from central axis of capsule; seeds with tail-like appendages at both ends.   3 Rhododendron sect. Vireya
+ Capsules with hard or woody valves; placenta remaining joined to central axis of capsule; seeds with finned wings.   (2)
2 (1) Stamens (5–)10(–27), usually exserted from corolla tube; corolla often large, funnelform, campanulate or tubular; scales with margin entire, rarely crenulate.   1 Rhododendron sect. Rhododendron
+ Stamens 5–8, rarely 10, included within corolla tube; corolla often small, salver-shaped; scales with margin lacerate.   2 Rhododendron sect. Pogonanthum

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