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21. Rhododendron subsect. Neriiflora (Tagg) Sleumer, Bot. Jahrb. Syst. 74: 545. 1949.

火红杜鹃亚组 huo hong du juan ya zu

Fang Mingyuan (方明渊); David F. Chamberlain

Rhododendron ser. Neriiflora Tagg in J. B. Stevenson, Sp. Rhodod. 507. 1930 ["Neriiflorum"].

Shrubs, sometimes dwarf and creeping, or small trees; bark smooth; young shoots with a thin or thick woolly, whitish to rufous indumentum composed of rosulate, branched or dendroid hairs, sometimes with setae or glands. Leaf blade elliptic, lanceolate, oblong, ovate, rarely orbicular; abaxial surface glabrous or with continuous, discontinuous, compacted or woolly whitish or brown to rufous indumentum. Inflorescence 1–12(–20)-flowered; rachis 3–10 mm. Calyx minute to well-developed, often colored, 1–6(–20) mm, cupular; corolla tubular-campanulate rarely campanulate, 5-lobed, usually fleshy, white to yellow through various shades of pink to deep carmine, with basal nectar pouches; stamens 10; ovary with or without stipitate-glands or glabrous; style glabrous.

Twenty-seven species: Bhutan, China, India, Myanmar; 27 species (13 endemic) in China.

Rhododendron ×hillieri Davidian (Rhododendrons Magnolias Camellias 47. 1974), described from Xizang, is a hybrid between two species in R. subsect. Neriiflora.

1 Ovary tapering into style.   (2)
+ Ovary apex truncate.   (7)
2 (1) Abaxial leaf surface glabrous.   427 Rhododendron neriiflorum
+ Abaxial leaf surface with continuous or discontinuous indumentum.   (3)
3 (2) Abaxial leaf surface with 2-layered indumentum at maturity.   (4)
+ Abaxial leaf surface with 1-layered indumentum at maturity.   (5)
4 (3) Young shoots, pedicels, petiole and ovary eglandular, densely floccose; upper layer of leaf indumentum lax, lanate.   426 Rhododendron albertsenianum
+ Young shoots, pedicels, petiole and ovary stipitate-glandular and tomentose; upper layer of leaf indumentum spongy.   429 Rhododendron euchroum
5 (3) Young shoots, pedicels and ovary glandular-setose, tomentose; abaxial leaf surface with continuous white to cinnamon indumentum.   430 Rhododendron sperabile
+ Young shoots and ovary usually eglandular, abaxial leaf surface with discontinuous reddish brown indumentum.   (6)
6 (5) Leaf blade narrowly elliptic to oblong or elliptic, glaucous, abaxial epidermis papillate; filaments glabrous.   431 Rhododendron floccigerum
+ Leaf blade oblong-elliptic to oblanceolate, 4.5–8.5 cm, abaxial epidermis epapillate; filaments pubescent at base.   432 Rhododendron sperabiloides
7 (1) Abaxial leaf surface with a continuous, thick, 1- or 2-layered rufous or brown to cinnamon (rarely whitish) indumentum.   (8)
+ Abaxial leaf surface glabrous or with discontinuous or continuous indumentum.   (16)
8 (7) Adaxial leaf surface markedly rugose.   (9)
+ Adaxial leaf surface smooth.   (11)
9 (8) Leaf blade elliptic to oblong, abaxial surface with 2-layered appressed tomentose indumentum, upper layer fulvous.   419 Rhododendron piercei
+ Leaf blade broadly obovate to obovate or obovate to elliptic, abaxial surface with 1-layered rufous indumentum.   (10)
10 (9) Young shoots and petiole densely tomentose; leaf blade 4–7.5 cm wide; shrubs or small trees 3–6(–8) m tall.   417 Rhododendron mallotum
+ Young shoots stellate-setose and glandular-hairy; leaf blade 2–4 cm wide; small, upright shrubs, 2–3 m tall.   418 Rhododendron beanianum
11 (8) Young shoots densely setulose-glandular; ovary densely stipitate-glandular.   (12)
+ Young shoots eglandular; ovary tomentose, eglandular.   (13)
12 (11) Leaf blade oblong to ovate; petiole tomentose and setulose-glandular; calyx 6–10 mm.   420 Rhododendron pocophorum
+ Leaf blade obovate; petiole glandular; calyx 3(–7) mm.   421 Rhododendron coelicum
13 (11) Young shoots glabrous; corolla yellow or orange to red   424 Rhododendron citriniflorum
+ Young shoots setulose or tomentose, with or without sparse setulae; corolla white, pink, crimson or purple.   (14)
14 (13) Young shoots setulose; corolla white.   422 Rhododendron chionanthum
+ Young shoots tomentose; corolla pink, crimson or purple.   (15)
15 (14) Calyx 13–20 mm; pedicel pale brown tomentose.   425 Rhododendron catacosmum
+ Calyx 3–7 mm; pedicel ferruginous tomentose.   423 Rhododendron haematodes
16 (7) Creeping shrubs, 0.2–0.9(–1.5) m; inflorescence 1(or 2)-flowered; leaves obovate to orbicular, 1.3–2.5 × 1.2–1.7 cm.   436 Rhododendron forrestii
+ Upright or creeping shrubs, 0.1–2 m; inflorescence, (1–)2–6-flowered; leaf shape various.   (17)
17 (16) Shrubs 1–2.5 m, abaxial leaf surface with whitish to cinnamon appressed indumentum.   (18)
+ Shrubs often dwarf, 0.2–2 m tall; abaxial leaf surface glabrous or with a discontinuous indumentum.   (20)
18 (17) Abaxial leaf surface with buff to cinnamon indumentum; ovary floccose or stipitate-glandular; filaments puberulent at base.   433 Rhododendron microgynum
+ Abaxial leaf surface with whitish to gray appressed thin indumentum; ovary eglandular.   (19)
19 (18) Filaments pubescent at base; corolla orange to red; leaves narrowly elliptic, oblanceolate or obovate.   434 Rhododendron dichroanthum
+ Filaments glabrous; corolla yellow, pink, or red to deep crimson, sometimes bicolored; leaves obovate, broadly elliptic to narrowly oblong.   435 Rhododendron sanguineum
20 (17) Branchlets with persistent bud-scales; abaxial leaf surface glabrous.   (21)
+ Branchlets without bud-scales or, if with bud-scales, then abaxial leaf surface puberulent.   (22)
21 (20) Pedicels 1.3–3 cm, glandular and with dendroid hairs; leaves obovate to oblanceolate; petiole wide, eglandular.   437 Rhododendron aperantum
+ Pedicels 0.8–1.3 cm, glandular or eglandular; leaves obovate to oblong-obovate; petiole narrow, sometimes glandular and tomentose.   438 Rhododendron chamaethomsonii
22 (20) Corolla pale yellow, white or pink; ovary glabrous or glandular.   (23)
+ Corolla purple, crimson or pale rose; ovary glandular-hairy, often also tomentose.   (24)
23 (22) Leaf blade 5.2–6.4 cm; pedicel 0.6–2 cm; corolla white, rose, or pale yellow, with conspicuous flecks; ovary glandular.   439 Rhododendron parmulatum
+ Leaf blade 1–3.2 cm; pedicel 2–3 cm; corolla pale yellow, without flecks; ovary glabrous.   440 Rhododendron trilectorum
24 (22) Leaf blade narrowly lanceolate, 7–10 cm; corolla purple.   428 Rhododendron bijiangense
+ Leaf blade elliptic to oblong-obovate, 1.5–6 cm; corolla pink to crimson.   (25)
25 (24) Leaf blade oblong or oblong-elliptic, 3–6 × 1.3–2.3 cm, abaxial epidermis pale gray-green, papillate; calyx 3–4 mm.   441 Rhododendron temenium
+ Leaf blade elliptic to oblong-obovate, 1.5–4(–6.2) × 0.5–1.4(–2) cm, abaxial epidermis green, epapillate; calyx ca. 1.5 mm.   (26)
26 (25) Filaments puberulent at base; creeping shrubs, 0.05–0.5 m tall; leaf blade elliptic to oblong- obovate, abaxial surface puberulent.   442 Rhododendron erastum
+ Filaments glabrous; shrubs 0.3–1.2(–1.8) m tall; leaf blade long-elliptic or oblong-obovate, abaxial surface with discontinuous indumentum.   443 Rhododendron eudoxum

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