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Chinese Plant Names | Family List | Polypodiaceae

Arthromeris (Moore) J. Smith


Description from Flora of China

Pleopeltis sect. Arthromeris T. Moore, Index Fil. 78. 1857.

Plants, epiphytic or terrestrial, medium-sized. Rhizome long creeping, densely scaly or covered with whitish bloom and sparse scales; scales whitish, brown, or black, pseudopeltate, lanceolate-attenuate, margin entire to shallowly toothed or ciliate. Fronds remote, monomorphic, articulate to rhizome on short scaly phyllopodia. Stipe straw-colored or brown, glabrous or pubescent. Lamina imparipinnate or simple, herbaceous or leathery, glabrous or pubescent, rarely scaly abaxially. Pinnae opposite or subopposite, rarely alternate, articulate to rachis, mostly sessile or subsessile, usually oblong-lanceolate, margin entire and cartilaginous, apex acuminate to caudate; costae and lateral veins distinct; veinlets obscure, reticulate to form irregularly shaped areoles with simple or forked included veinlets. Sori orbicular or elongated, in 1 regular row on each side of costa or scattered on abaxial surface of pinnae, naked, superficial, without paraphyses. Sporangia long stalked, annulus with 14-16 cells. Spores brown, ellipsoid, surfaces verrucate with often constricted, acuminate or echinate elements. x = 12.

About 20 species: tropical and subtropical Asia; 17 species (eight endemic) in China.

(Authors: Lu Shugang (陆树刚); Peter H. Hovenkamp)

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