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Pontederiaceae Kunth


Description from Flora of China

Herbs annual or perennial, aquatic, floating or rooting in substrate. Roots fibrous. Vegetative stems short or creeping, thick. Leaves rosulate or distributed along stem, distichous; petiole mostly distinct, sometimes inflated; leaf sheath usually present; leaf blade emersed or submersed, broadly ovate, lanceolate, or broadly linear, sometimes completely reduced, stomata paracytic. Flowering stems erect, solid, terminating in a leaf, spathe, and inflorescence. Inflorescences paniculate, racemose, spicate, umbellate, or 1-flowered, subtended by a spathelike or tubular leaf sheath; bracts minute or absent. Flowers bisexual, mostly actinomorphic, sometimes zygomorphic. Perianth segments 6, in 2 whorls, petaloid, free or basally connate into a tube. Stamens usually 6 in 2 whorls, rarely 3 or 1, inserted on perianth, often unequal or dissimilar; filaments slender, free; anthers 2-loculed, introrse, dehiscing by longitudinal slits or rarely by pores; pollen grains 2- or 3-nucleate, colpi 1 or 2(or 3), distal or subequatorial. Ovary superior, 3-loculed and placentation axile or 1-loculed and placentation parietal; ovules numerous per locule or 1 and pendulous, anatropous. Style 1; stigma capitate or minutely 3-lobed. Fruit a 3-valved capsule or indehiscent. Seeds small, longitudinally ribbed or smooth; endosperm copious, mealy; embryo central in seed, straight, terete.

Wu Kuo-fang. 1997. Pontederiaceae. In: Wu Kuo-fang, ed., Fl. Reipubl. Popularis Sin. 13(3): 134--141.

Six genera and ca. 40 species: widespread in tropical and subtropical regions; two genera (one introduced) and five species (one introduced) in China.

(Authors: Wu Guofang (吴国芳 Wu Kuo-fang); Charles N. Horn)

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