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Chinese Plant Names | Family List | Brassicaceae | Dontostemon

Dontostemon dentatus (Bunge) Ledeb.


Description from Flora of China

Andreoskia dentata Bunge, Enum. Pl. China Bor. 6. 1833; Dontostemon dentatus var. glandulosus Maximowicz ex Franchet & Savatier; D. intermedius Voroschilov; D. oblongifolius Ledebour.

Herbs annual, (9-)15-50(-60) cm tall, eglandular. Stems erect, often simple, branched above, pubescent distally with minute, twisted, simple trichomes, rarely glabrescent. Middle cauline leaves subsessile or petiole 2-10 mm; leaf blade lanceolate to lanceolate-linear, (1.5-)2-5.5(-7) cm × (2-)3-10(-13) mm, base attenuate or cuneate, margin minutely to coarsely dentate, rarely subentire, ciliate with simple, subsetose trichomes to 0.9 mm, apex acute. Fruiting pedicels ascending or divaricate, straight or curved upward, thick, (2-)3-7(-9) mm, glabrous or with twisted trichomes. Sepals oblong, 3-5 × 1-1.5 mm, often with straight simple trichomes. Petals lilac or purplish, obovate, (5-)6-9(-11) × 2.5-4.5 mm, apex subemarginate; claw 2.5-4 mm. Filaments of median stamens 3.5-5.5 mm, united; filaments of lateral stamens 2-4 mm; anthers oblong, 1-1.8 mm, apiculate. Ovules 20-60 per ovary. Fruit (1-)2-5(-6) cm × 0.9-1.1 mm, glabrous, straight, erect or slightly ascending, subtorulose, terete or slightly flattened, midvein prominent; style 0.4-1.5 mm; stigma slightly lobed. Seeds brown, oblong-ovate, 0.8-1.3 × 0.6-0.8 mm, narrowly margined distally; cotyledons accumbent. Fl. and fr. Jun-Sep.

Rocky slopes, sandy areas, roadsides; 200-1900 m. Anhui, Hebei, Heilongjiang, Henan, Jiangsu, Jilin, Liaoning, Nei Mongol, Shaanxi, Shandong, Shanxi, Xinjiang, Yunnan [Japan, Korea, Russia].


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