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Chinese Plant Names | Family List | Araliaceae | Aralia

Aralia undulata Hand.-Mazz.


Description from Flora of China

Aralia undulata var. cirrhifolia Z. Z. Wang; A. undulata var. nudifolia Z. Z. Wang.

Shrubs or trees, 1-10 m tall, hermaphroditic (?or andromonoecious). Branches with sparse, short, conic prickles. Leaves 2-pinnately compound, with a pair of accessory leaflets at each division of rachis; petiole 20-35 cm, glabrous, sparsely shortly prickly; petiolules (1-)3-10 mm; leaflets 5-15 per pinna, ovate or ovate-lanceolate to broadly ovate, 7-14 × 3-7 cm, papery to nearly membranous, both surfaces glabrous, abaxially glaucous, secondary veins 7-10 pairs, tertiary veins distinct, base rounded to obtuse or subcordate, margin undulate-mucronate to entire, apex acuminate or caudate. Inflorescence a terminal panicle of umbels, sparsely lenticellate, unarmed; primary axis 5-20(-30) cm; secondary axes 25-55 cm; bracts persistent or sometimes caducous, lanceolate to narrowly triangular, 3-10 mm, ciliate; umbels 10-25-flowered; pedicels 3-9 mm, slightly furfuraceous. Ovary 5-carpellate; style 5, free. Fruit globose, 3.5-4 mm in diam.; styles persistent, radiating. Fl. Jun-Aug, fr. Oct.

Dense forests, sparse woods; 500-2500 m. Chongqing (Wuxi), Guangdong, Guangxi (Jiuwan Dashan, Longsheng), Hubei, Hunan (Chengbu, Xinning), Jiangxi, Sichuan (Huili, Leibo), Yunnan [N Vietnam].


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