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Chinese Plant Names | Family List | Primulaceae | Lysimachia

Lysimachia decurrens Forst. f.


Description from Flora of China

Lysimachia consobrina Hance; L. decurrens G. Forster var. eudecurrens R. Knuth; L. decurrens var. recurvata Matsumura; L. recurvata (Matsumura) Masamune; L. sinica Miquel.

Herbs perennial, glabrous, 40--90 cm tall. Stems erect, with raised lines descending from base of leaf petioles, woody at base, usually much branched. Leaves alternate, sometimes subopposite; petiole 1--4 cm, narrowly winged; leaf blade lanceolate to elliptic-lanceolate, 6--13 X 1.5--4 cm, submembranous when dry, sparsely black glandular punctate or striate, especially near margin, base cuneate, apex acute to acuminate. Racemes terminal, 10--25 cm; bracts subulate, 2--3 mm. Pedicel 2--9 mm, elongating to 1--1.8 cm in fruit. Calyx lobes narrowly lanceolate, 3--4 mm, glandular ciliate, abaxially black striate. Corolla white or tinged with purple; tube ca. 1.5 mm; lobes oblong-spatulate, 1--2.5 mm, apex rounded; sinus between lobes subrounded. Stamens long exserted; filaments adnate to base of corolla lobes; anthers ovate, purple, dorsifixed, ca. 1 mm. Ovary ovoid; style ca. 5 mm. Capsule globose or slightly depressed, 3--4 mm in diam. Fl. Apr-May.

Wasteland near villages, roadsides, open forests near streams. Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi, Guizhou, Hunan, Jiangxi, Taiwan, Yunnan [Bhutan, Japan, Laos, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Sikkim, Thailand, Vietnam; Pacific Islands].


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