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Chinese Plant Names | Family List | Lamiaceae | Gomphostemma

Gomphostemma callicarpoides (Yamamoto) Masam.


Description from Flora of China

Taitonia callicarpoides Yamamoto, J. Soc. Trop. Agric. 10: 278. 1938; ? Gomphostemma formosana Masamune.

Shrubs. Stems 60-75 cm tall, suberect or ascending, stellate hirsute. Petiole 1-3 cm; leaf blade elliptic, 4.5-11 × 2-5 cm, adaxially sparsely stellate hirsute, abaxially gray stellate tomentose, base obtuse or cuneate, margin very shallowly serrate with teeth less than 1 mm, apex acute. Cymes short pedunculate, axillary, crowded into a capitulum, stellate hirsute; outer bracts oblong to linear-lanceolate, 1.5-2 × 3-6 mm, margin 2- or 3-aristate-serrate, apex acute; inner bracts linear, 10 × 1.5 mm, margin entire. Calyx obconic-campanulate, leathery, stellate hirsute, 5 main veins conspicuously elevated, tube 4-5 × 3 mm; teeth linear-lanceolate, ca. 6-7 × 1.5 mm, with glandular sinuses. Corolla ca. 3 × as long as calyx tube, abaxially pubescent, base ca. 2.5 mm in diam., gradually dilated to 6 mm in diam. at throat; upper lip galeate, undulate, 2-lobed; lower lip spreading, middle lobe rounded, lateral lobes triangular, undulate. Fl. Jul.

Huang & Cheng (Fl. Taiwan 4: 465. 1978) stated that Gomphostemma formosana differs from G. callicarpoides only by leaf margin with coarsely serrate teeth 2-5 mm and that they may prove to be inseparable from each other. The illustration labeled G. formosana in that work is Leucosceptrum stellipilum (Miquel) Kitamura & Murata var. formosanum (Ohwi) Kitamura & Murata.

* Forests; ca. 1200 m. Taiwan


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