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Chinese Plant Names | Family List | Lamiaceae | Salvia

Salvia subpalmatinervis Stib.


Description from Flora of China

Plants perennial. Taproot blackish, to 1.5 cm in diam. Stems 1-3, erect, to 50 cm, glandular villous. Leaves mostly basal, stem leaves ca. 2-paired; petiole nearly as long as to longer than blade; leaf blade ovate to circular, 3.5-10(-13.5) × to 10(-13.5) cm, adaxially densely appressed villous, abaxially glandular, spreading pilose on veins, base cordate or ± hastate, margin crenate, apex obtuse to rounded or subacute. Inflorescences densely glandular villous; verticillasters 2-6-flowered, in terminal racemes 10-15 cm; lower bracts leaflike, upper bracts ovate, to ca. 2 cm. Pedicel 4-5 mm. Calyx campanulate, 1.5-2 cm, narrower at mouth, spreading villous, glandular pilose mainly along veins, glandular ciliate at mouth; upper lip ca. 3 mm, margin entire, apex mucronate or 3-serrulate; lower lip ca. 5 mm, teeth triangular. Corolla purplish or blue-purple, ca. 3.5 cm, pilose, base imperfectly pilose annulate inside; tube zigzag, cylindric toward base, adaxially abruptly dilated above middle, curved downward at an angle; upper lip shallowly falcate/galeate. Filaments ca. 6 mm; connectives ca. 6 mm, arms subequal, lower anther cells smaller, apex united. Nutlets unknown. Fl. May-Jul.

* Thickets, forests, hilly grasslands; 3400-4000 m. Yunnan.


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