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Chinese Plant Names | Family List | Araceae | Arisaema

Arisaema hainanense C. Y. Wu ex H. Li et al.


Description from Flora of China

Rhizome cylindric, ca. 5 × 2-3 cm. Leaves 2; petiole dull green, unmarked or mottled with brown-purple, to 50 cm, proximal 10-30 cm sheathing into pseudostem; leaf blade pedate, papery; leaflets pale green abaxially, dull green adaxially; central leaflet with petiolule 1-2 cm, blade elliptic, 14-16 × 6-8 cm, base broadly cuneate, apex abruptly acuminate, sometimes caudate; lateral leaflets subsessile or with petiolule 5-10 mm, blade 13-15 × 5-6 cm; outermost ones obliquely elliptic, ca. 10 × 3 cm. Peduncle green, equaling or longer than petioles by 3-5 cm. Spathe tube green, with longitudinal white stripe on back up to base of limb, funnelform, 4-5.2 cm, throat obliquely truncate, outcurved for ca. 2 mm; limb dark purple with purplish spots, or green with purple reticulation, or totally olive-green, ovate, 4-4.7 × ca. 2.7 cm, acuminate and caudate at apex. Spadix bisexual when mature; female zone 2-2.5 cm; male zone 1-1.5 cm; synandria lax; anthers 1-3, stipitate; thecae oblong, dehiscing by lateral slits; appendix sessile, erect or sometimes recurved at apex, narrowly cylindric or fusiform, 4-5 cm × 1.5-2.5 mm, proximal 3-4 mm covered with many erect filiform neuter flowers 3-4 mm. Infructescence 4-5 cm. Berries reddish, ovoid, ca. 6 × 4 mm. Fl. Jun, mature fr. Nov.

● Evergreen rain forests in valleys and on slopes; 400-2100 m. Hainan.


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