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Chinese Plant Names | Family List | Zingiberaceae | Amomum

Amomum verrucosum S. Q. Tong


Description from Flora of China

Plants 3--3.5 m tall. Leaf sheath striate; ligule 1--1.5 cm, densely brown villous, apex truncate; petiole 1--1.5 cm; leaf blade narrowly elliptic or narrowly lanceolate, 40--50 × 9--12 cm, abaxially sparsely hairy except densely white pubescent along midvein, base cuneate, margin densely ciliate, apex acuminate or caudate-acuminate. Spikes capitate or ovoid, ca. 9.5 × 8.5 cm; peduncle densely brown villous, elongate after anthesis; bracts subelliptic, 3.5--4 × 2.3--2.5 cm; bracteoles tubular, 1.7--2.5 cm, pubescent. Calyx whitish, 2.5--3 cm, pubescent, apex 3-toothed. Corolla tube 2--2.2 cm, apex orange with red veins; lobes yellowish, central one red veined, suborbicular, 2.5--2.8 × 2.2--2.5 cm, lateral ones not red veined, narrower than central one. Lateral staminodes yellowish, subulate, ca. 6 mm. Labellum yellow with red spots and veins, semiorbicular, 3--3.5 × 3.5--4 cm. Stamen ca. 2.5 cm; anther linear, ca. 1.5 cm; connective appendage yellow, slightly 3-lobed. Capsule purple-black, globose, ca. 3.5 cm in diam., with branched, soft spines 3--5 mm. Seeds brown-black, broadly ellipsoid, ca. 4 × 3 mm; aril white. Fl. Jun.

* Forests; ca. 800 m. S Yunnan.


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