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Chinese Plant Names | Family List | Apocynaceae | Tabernaemontana

3. Tabernaemontana corymbosa Roxburgh ex Wallich, Bot. Reg. 15: t. 1273. 1829.

伞房狗牙花 san fang gou ya hua

Description from Flora of China

Ervatamia chinensis (Merrill) Tsiang, E. continentalis Tsiang; E. continentalis var. pubiflora Tsiang; E. corymbosa (Roxburgh ex Wallich) King & Gamble; E. kwangsiensis Tsiang; E. kweichowensis Tsiang; E. tenuiflora Tsiang; E. yunnanensis Tsiang; E. yunnanensis var. heterosepala Tsiang; Pagiantha corymbosa (Roxburgh ex Wallich) Markgraf; Tabernaemontana chinensis Merrill; T. continentalis (Tsiang) P. T. Li; T. continentalis var. pubiflora (Tsiang) P. T. Li; T. kwangsiensis (Tsiang) P. T. Li; T. kweichowensis (Tsiang) P. T. Li; T. tsiangiana P. T. Li; T. yunnanensis (Tsiang) P. T. Li; T. yunnanensis var. heterosepala (Tsiang) P. T. Li.

Shrubs or small trees 0.8-8 m tall, glabrous except for flowers. Petiole 0.3-2 cm; leaf blade ovate to obovate, 7-30 X 2-14 cm, papery, apex acuminate; lateral veins 6-16 pairs. Cymes shorter or longer than leaves; di- or trichotomous. Flower buds with a globose head, rounded at apex. Calyx lobes ovate, ciliate. Corolla white, puberulent to glabrous, tube 1.8-3.1 cm; lobes obliquely elliptic, mostly falcate, 9-16 X 4-10 mm. Stamens inserted above middle of corolla tube. Follicles obliquely ellipsoid, 2-4.5 X 0.6-3 cm, beaked or rounded, sometimes stipitate. Fl. May-Sep, fr. Jul-Dec.

The bark and leaves are used in Guangxi for the treatment of fractures.

Mixed woods, brushwoods; 500-1700 m. W Guangxi, S Guizhou, S Yunnan [Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam]


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