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Chinese Plant Names | Family List | Zingiberaceae | Amomum

34. Amomum purpureorubrum S. Q. Tong & Y. M. Xia, Acta Bot. Yunnan. 10: 207. 1988.

紫红砂仁 zi hong sha ren

Description from Flora of China

Plants 1--2 m tall. Leaves sessile; leaf sheath purple-red, glabrous; ligule entire, 3--5 cm, membranous, glabrous; leaf blade abaxially pale green, adaxially green, lanceolate or narrowly so, 30--60 × 7--10 cm, glabrous, base cuneate or attenuate, apex acuminate or caudate. Spikes 1 or 2, capitate, 5.5--7 × 6--8 cm; peduncle 2--3 cm, scalelike sheaths red, glabrous; bracts dark red, ovate-orbicular or broadly ovate, 3--3.5 × 2.3--2.7 cm, glabrous, apex mucronate; bracteoles dark red, narrowly lanceolate, 4.3--5 cm × 8--11 mm, glabrous. Flowers white. Calyx red spotted, 2.5--3 cm, minutely pubescent, apex 3-toothed; teeth with red line from apex to calyx base. Corolla tube 1.8--2.2 cm; lobes narrowly elliptic, subequal, central one white with minute, red dots, 2.3--2.6 × 1.1--1.2 cm, apex mucronate, lateral lobes narrower than central one. Lateral staminodes subulate, ca. 3 mm. Labellum white with yellow center and radiate, red veins to margin, ovate-orbicular, 3.2--3.4 × 2.1--2.3 cm, base attenuate, margin crisped, apex 2-cleft. Stamen white; filament ca. 4 mm; anther ca. 1.1 cm; connective appendage entire, glabrous. Ovary yellow-green, densely white pubescent. Capsule purple-red, subovoid, ca. 2.8 × 2 cm, crisped winged. Fl. Apr.

* Forests; 1600--1700 m. SW Yunnan (Menghai Xian).


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