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Moss China | Family List | Moss China V. 1 | Dicranaceae

25. Oreoweisia (Schimp.) De Not., Epil. Briol. Ital. [Atti R. Univ. Genova 1:]. 489. 1869; Weissia subg. Oreoweisia Schimp. in B.S.G., Bryol. Eur. 1: 71 (fasc. 33–36 Mon. 11). 1846.


Plants slender and soft, green or brownish green, in tufts. Stems triangular, erect, usually branched, radiculose at base; central strand present in transverse section. Leaves curled or crispate when dry, erect-patent when moist, lanceolate to oblong-lanceolate or narrowly oblong-ovate to lingulate; margins serrulate above the middle or only at the apex; costa strong, narrow, subpercurrent to percurrent; upper cells rounded-quadrate, thick-walled, usually mammillose or papillose on both surfaces; lower cells rectangular, rather thin-walled, smooth; alar cells not differentiated. Autoicous. Perichaetial leaves similar to the upper stem leaves. Setae straight and elongate, 1–2 per perichaetium; capsules erect, sometimes slightly inclined, oblong-ovoid to cylindric, smooth when dry; opercula short- to long-rostrate; annuli in 1–3 row of cells, usually persistent; peristome teeth 16, inserted below the mouth, lanceolate, undivided, smooth or slightly perforate and irregularly striate. Calyptrae cucullate, smooth at base. Spores spherical, papillose or warty.

Oreoweisia consists of 18 species in the world. Half of the species are restricted to South America. Three species are currently known from China. Oreoweisia torquescens (Brid.) Wijk & Marg., with Oreoweisia serrulata (Funck) De Not. as its synonym, was reported from Tianshan (Mt.), Xinjiang (P.-C. Chen et al. 1963; Tan et al. 1995). However, no specimens of Oreoweisia torquescens can be confirmed. Oreoweisia serrulata reported from Taiwan is O. laxifolia according to Iwatsuki (1969).

1 Plants very small, only up to 5 mm high; leaves less than 1.3 mm long   3 Oreoweisia weisioides
+ Plants more than 10 mm high; leaves more than 1.3 mm long   (2)
2 (1) Plants larger, up to 5 cm high; leaves over 2 mm, up to 2.5 mm long; upper cells larger, quadrate or rounded-quadrate   1 Oreoweisia laxifolia
+ Plants smaller, up to 2 cm high; leaves ca. 1.5 mm long; upper cells smaller, rounded hexagonal   2 Oreoweisia setschwanica

Lower Taxa


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