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Moss China | Family List | Moss China V. 1 | Dicranaceae | Campylopus

8. Campylopus japonicus Broth., Hedwigia. 38: 207. 1899.


Campylopus irrigatus Thér., Bull. Acad. Int. Géogr. Bot. 19: 18. 1909. Type. China: Guizhou (Kony-Tcheou), Pin-fa (Ping-hu), Cavalerie 1673 (holotype PC) Campylopus nakamurae Sak., Bot. Mag. (Tokyo) 55: 212. 1941. Type. China: Taiwan, Taihoku, T. Nakamura s.n. 20 April 1940 (holotype Herb. Sakurai, # 14202). Campylopus pseudomuelleri Card., Bull. Herb. Boissier sér. 2, 7: 715. 1907. Campylopus uii Broth., Öfvers. Förh. Finska Vetensk.-Soc. 62A: 3. 1921.

Plants variable in size and color, usually 2–6 cm high, yellowish green above, brownish below, shiny, in loose tufts. Stems erect, or ascending, simple or branched, often tomentose below, the upper parts usually fragile. Leaves erect, often homomallous when dry, erect-patent when moist, lanceolate, 4–6(–10) mm long, gradually narrowed from an oblong, not contracted base to semi-canaliculate acumen; margins slightly involute, entire below, serrulate near the apex; costa broad, occupying ca. ½ the leaf base width, long-excurrent, not ending in a hyaline, but occasionally in a subhyaline point, smooth or rarely ridged at back in the upper part, with a distinct dorsal stereid band and indistinctly developed ventral stereid band in transverse section; upper cells short-rectangular or somewhat rhomboidal, moderately thick-walled; basal cells subquadrate to short-rectangular, thick-walled; alar cells rectangular, not forming auricles, slightly inflated, thin-walled, reddish brown. Dioicous. Perichaetial leaves elongate, sheathing at base. Setae flexuose when dry, strongly flexuose to cygneous when moist, brownish; capsules small, ovoid-cylindric, inclined, contracted below the mouth, scabrous at base; opercula conic-rostrate; peristome teeth short, reddish brown. Calyptrae cucullate, fringed at base. Spores not seen.

Type. Japan.

Chinese specimens examined: FUJIAN: Wuyi Shan (Mt.), D.-K. Li & C.-H. Gao 13847 (SHM). GUIZHOU: see the type of Campylopus irrigatus cited above. GUANGDONG: Ding-hu Shan (Mt.), P.-J. Li 117 (IBSC); Fo-gang Co., P.-J. Lin 550 (IBSC); Ru-yuan Co., P.-J. Lin 591 (IBSC). HAINAN: Jian-feng-ling (Mt.), Z.-P. Zhong 226 (MO). HEBEI: Wei Co., C. Gao 30620 (MO). JIANGXI: Lu Shan (Mt.), C. Gao 40804 (MO). LIAONING: Feng-cheng Co., Kobayasi 3910 (H). SHAANXI: Taibai Shan (Mt.), Z.-P. Wei 5766, 5770 (IFSBH). SICHUAN: Mu-li Co., C. Gao et al. 20391, 20647 (IFSBH); Nan-chuan Co., M.-Z. Wang 860966 (MO). TAIWAN: Nan-tou Co., C.-C. Chuang 6218 (MO); Tai-pei Co., C.-C. Chuang & Schofield 162 (MO). YUNNAN: Meng-la Co., L. Zhang 343 (MO).

Habitat: on bases of trees, rotten wood, or soil and rocks; Distribution: China, Japan, Queensland, Mexico, and western North America.

Illustrations: C. Gao (ed.) 1994 (Pl. 74, figs. 1–9).


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