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Moss China | Family List | Moss China V. 1 | Leucobryaceae | Leucobryum

Leucobryum aduncum var. aduncum Dozy & Molk., Pl. Jungh. 3: 319. 1954.

Leucobryum pentastichum Dozy & Molk., Pl. Jungh. 3: 319. 1854. Leucobryum candidum (Brid. ex P. Beauv.) Wils. var. pentastichum (Dozy & Molk.) Dix., New Zealand Inst. Bull. 3(3): 97. 1923.

Plants small to medium-sized, 1–2 cm high, grayish to yellowish green, in dense or compact tufts. Stems erect, branched, usually not forming conical points at the apex; central strand absent. Leaves more or less in 5 rows, less than 4.5 mm long, falcate-secund, lanceolate, gradually narrowed to subtubulous tips from an ovate to elliptic base, acute at the apex, often with rhizoids, acumina channelled, filled mostly with costa, undulate and spinosely prorate on the dorsal side of the acumina; hyaline laminal cells narrowly rectangular to linear, forming borders of 1–2 rows of cells on the upper parts of leaves, 4–6 rows of cells near leaf base; in cross section, costal leucocysts 1- layered on the upper parts of leaves, 2–3-layered on the lower parts of leaves enclosing a layer of median chlorocysts throughout leaves. Dioicous. Sporophytes not seen. [According to Yamaguchi (1993), setae 16–18 mm long; capsules inclined, ovoid to ellipsoid, urns ca. 1.3 mm × 0.6 mm; other sporophyte features were reported to be the same as the genus].

Type. Indonesia: Java, Junghuhn s.n.

Chinese specimens examined: ANHUI: Huang Shan (Mt.), H.-J. Wang 6-1 (MO). FUJIAN: Chong-an Co., D.-K. Li 01813 (IBSC, SHM); Nan-ping Co., C. Gao et al. 3856 (IBSC, IFSBH). GUANGDONG: Ding-hu Shan (Mt.), P.-J. Lin 138 (MO); Ru-yuan Co., P.-J. Lin 11 (IBSC); Zhu-hai City, B.-H. Chen 4b (IBSC). GUANGXI: Shang-si Co., P.-J. Lin et. al. 2248 (IBSC). GUIZHOU: Fan-jing Shan (Mt.), Q.-Y. Jiao 500 (IBSC, PE). HAINAN: Ba-wang-ling (Mt.), P.-J. Lin 3258 (IBSC), P.-Z. Zhen 165 (MO); Diaoluo Shan (Mt.), P.-J. Lin et al. 3015 (IBSC); Jianfengling (Mt.), P.-C. Chen et al. 40, 588 (IBSC), P.-J. Lin 3792 (MO), P.-J. Lin 4105 (MO, as Leucobryum candidum); Le-dong Co., Reese 17796 (LAF, MO); Limuling (Mt.), P.-J. Lin et al. 140 (IBSC); Wuzhi Shan (Mt.), P.-J. Lin et al. 2052 (IBSC). JIANGXI: Jinggang Shan (Mt.), D.-K. Li 017255 (IBSC, SHM). YUNNAN: Che-li Co., Q.-W. Wang 9383 (IBSC, PE); Geng-ma Co., Q.-W. Wang 8230 (IBSC, PE); Jinghong Co., Redfearn et al. 34266 (MO); Meng-hai Co., Q.-W. Wang 8620 (IBSC, PE), Redfearn et al. 34169, 34185, 34239 (MO); Meng-la Co., Redfearn et al. 33877 (MO); Pu-er Co., Q.-W. Wang 10321 (IBSC, PE); Rui-li Co., X.-J. Li 2822 (KUN); Xi-shuang-banna, W.-X. Xu 6137, 6139, 6840 (IBSC, YUKU).

Habitat: on tree trunks or moist rocks under forests; Distribution: China, Nepal, India, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and New Guinea.

Illustrations: Pl. 65, figs. 1–6.


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