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Moss China | Family List | Moss China V. 1 | Leucobryaceae | Leucobryum

4. Leucobryum chlorophyllosum C. Müll., Syn. Musc. Frond. 2: 535. 1851.

Plants small, 5–10 mm high, whitish green, in dense compact tufts. Stems erect, simple or rarely branched; central strand absent. Leaves dense on the top of stems, 2–4 mm × 0.5–1.0 mm, slightly curved when dry, erect-spreading when moist, linear to narrowly lanceolate above, gradually narrowed to subtubulose apices from a narrowly ovate base; margins entire; dorsal side of leaf acumina undulate, not prorate; in cross section, costae reaching to the leaf apices; costal chlorocysts quadrangular, on both sides of chlorocysts with leucocysts 1-layered in the upper part of leaves and 1–2-layered near leaf base; marginal border indistinct, 3–7 rows of narrowly rectangular cells near leaf base. Dioicous. Sporophytes not seen. [According to Yamaguchi (1993), setae 14–20 mm long; capsules horizontal to inclined, ovoid, 0.8–1.0 mm × 0.6–0.8 mm; opercula long rostrate, ca. 1.4 mm long; annuli of 1(–2) rows of cells; peristome teeth divided from tips to the middle, ca. 0.5 mm long, 0.09 mm wide at base. Spores 14–18 µm in diameter.]

Type. Indonesia: Sumbawa, Zollinger s.n.

Chinese specimens examined: FUJIAN: Shu-dou Co., C.-J. Zeng 27.30 (IBSC); San-ming City, D.-K. Li 02719 (IBSC, SHM). GUANGDONG: Bai-yun Shan (Mt.) P.-J. Lin 54 (IBSC); Chi-xing Co., P.-J. Lin 4989 (IBSC); Ding-hu Shan (Mt.), P.-J. Lin 53, 4408 (IBSC); P.-J. Lin et al. 015 (MO); Qing-yan City, Z.-M. Huang 6, 8 (IBSC); Ru-yuan Co., P.-J. Lin 632 (IBSC). GUANGXI: Shang-si Co., C. Gao & P.-J. Lin 1882, 2149 (IBSC, IFSBH). GUIZHOU: Guiyang Teachers' college 2301 (IBSC). HAINAN: Chang-jiang Co., Reese 17568 (LAF, MO); Diaoluo Shan (Mt.), P.-J. Lin 3274 (IBSC); Jiefengling (Mt.), P.-C. Chen 97(a) (IBSC); Limuling (Mt.), P.-J. Lin et al. 296 (IBSC); Wuzhi Shan (Mt.), P.-J. Lin 205 (a) (IBSC). HUNAN: Dawei Shan (Mt.), P.-J. Lin 456 (IBSC). JIANGSU: Yi-xing Pref., P.-C. Wu & Y.-X. Jin 2112 (MO). JIANGXI: Jinggang Shan (Mt.), Y.-Z. Liu 20048 (IBSC). SICHUAN: Omei Shan, P.-J. Lin 3261 (IBSC). YUNNAN: He-kou Co., W.-X. Xu 77279 (YUKU); Pu-er Co., Q.-W. Wang 10495 (IBSC, PE). ZHEJIANG: Ang Shan (Mt.), P.-C. Wu 563 (PE); Xi-tian-mu Shan (Mt.), R.-L. Hu 155 (HSNU).

Habitat: on bases of tree trunks and on rocks; Distribution: China, Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, the Philippines, and New Guinea.

Illustrations: Pl. 66, figs. 6–11. Yamaguchi 1993 (Pls. XXIII–XXIV).


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