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Moss China | Family List | Moss China V. 1 | Dicranaceae | Pseudochorisodontium

2. Pseudochorisodontium gymnostomum (Mitt.) C. Gao, Vitt, X. Fu & T. Cao, Moss Fl. China. 1: 223. 1999; Dicranum gymnostomum Mitt., J. Proc. Linn. Soc., Bot., Suppl. 1: 14. 1859.

Dicranum gymnostomoides Broth. in Handel-Mazzetti, Symb. Sin. 4: 25. 1929. Type. China: Yunnan, between Mekong-Salwin, Handel-Mazzetti 7142, 9817 (syntypes H). Dicranum gymnostomoides var. microcarpum Broth. in Handel-Mazzetti, Symb. Sin. 4: 25. 1929, syn. nov. Type. China: Yunnan, Li-jiang (Lidjiang), Handel-Mazzetti 6755 (holotype H).

Plants medium-sized to large, fairly coarse, up to 6 cm high, dull green or brownish green, in weakly shiny tufts. Stems erect or ascending, simple or branched, densely foliate, tomentose below. Leaves falcate-secund, homomallous when dry, erect-spreading when moist, ovate-lanceolate, 8 mm × 1.2 mm, gradually to rather abruptly narrowed from an oblong-ovate, somewhat sheathing base to a long, slender, canaliculate acumen; margins plane or slightly incurved on one side at base, entire below, serrulate near the apex; costa narrow, brownish, shortly excurrent, smooth or roughened at back near the apex; upper cells rhomboidal or oblong-elliptical, incrassate, projecting at the cell ends; basal cells elongate, irregularly rectangulate, 60 µm × 11 µm, unevenly thick-walled, porose; alar cells rectangular, inflated, slightly bulging, 2–3 stratose, reddish brown, not extending to the costa. Dioicous. Perichaetial leaves ca. 9 mm long, highly convolute-sheathing at base, abruptly narrowed to a short, setaecous acumen. Setae straight, ca. 3 cm long, twisted when dry, brownish; capsules erect, cylindric, ca. 2 mm × 0.5 mm, pale brownish; opercula erect, long-rostrate; peristome teeth absent. Spores not seen.

Syntypes. Himalayas: J. D. Hooker 67, 67b, 70, 70b.

Chinese specimens examined: GUIZHOU: Sui-yang Co., C. Gao & J.-Y. Feng 32231 (ALTA, IFSBH). SICHUAN: Dao-cheng Co., M.-Z. Wang 8129346 (IFSBH, PE); Mu-li Co., C. Gao 20254, 20286 (ALTA, IFSBH), C. Gao et al. 20565 (IFSBH); Ping-wu Co., Q. Li 10203 (ALTA, IFSBH); Xiang-cheng Co., M.-Z. Wang 813934(b) (IFSBH, PE). XIZANG: Ba-qing Co., K.-Y. Zhao 44 (IFSBH); Mi-lin Co., Y.-G. Su 5042 (IFSBH, KUN), 5236 (IFSBH, KUN); Mo-tuo Co., S.-K. Chen 77 (IFSBH, KUN); Ya-dong Co., Y.-C. Yang 11 (IFSBH), M. Zang 398 (KUN). YUNNAN: De-qin Co., M. Zang 914499 (IFSBH, KUN); Li-jiang Co., Z.-F. Fang 26145 (ALTA, IFSBH), Z.-F. Fang & S.-D. Zhao 759 (IFSBH).

Habitat: on soil; Distribution: China and India.

The type specimen of Dicranum gymnostomoides var. microcarpum is identical to that of D. gymnostomoides, which is a synonym of D. gymnostomum.

Illustrations: Pl. 57, figs. 1–12.


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