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Pakistan | Family List | Lecythidaceae

1. Barringtonia J.R. & G. Forster, Char. Gen. 75. 1776. nomen conserv.; Watt, Dict. Econ. Prod. Ind. 1:400. 1889; Payens in Blumea 15:157-283. 1967; Macnae & Fosberg in Dassanayake & Fosberg, Fl. Ceylon 3:196. 1981.


  • Agasta Miers
  • Butonica Lam.
  • Stravadium Juss.

    Shrubs or trees. Leaves alternate, often crowded near the extremities of branches, leaf scars distinct on the branches; stipules small, caducous. Flowers in lateral or terminal racemes or occasionally in interrupted spikes. Calyx 2-4-lobed, adnate to the ovary. Petals 4, rarely 5, imbricate, somewhat adnate to the staminal tube. Stamens many in several series, connate at the base into a thick tube, filaments of the inner whorl reduced to small, ± bristle-like staminodes; anthers basifixed, dehiscing laterally. Staminal disc usually distinct around the style. Ovary 2-4-loculed with 2-many pendulous ovules per locule; style long and simple. Fruit fibrous or leathery, indehiscent, sometimes winged, 1-seeded. Seed usually spindle-shaped, embryo without cotyledons but with a spiral of minute scales towards the apex.

    A genus with about 39 species, distributed in the tropics and subtropics of the Old World; represented in Pakistan by the following species:

    Lower Taxon

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