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Pakistan | Family List | Burseraceae

Bursera Jacq. ex Linn., Sp. Pl. ed. 2,471. 1762. nom. cons.; Bennet in Hook. f., l.c. 530; Stewart and Brandis, Illus.For.Fl.N.W. and Cent. Ind. 61. 1874; DC., Prodr. 2:78. 1824; Engler in Engler and Prantl ,Pflanzenfam.ed.2.Bd.19a.423.1931.

Trees with uni or bipinnate, rarely 1-foliolate leaves. Leaflets petiolulate, obtuse or retuse, entire or serrate. Inflorescence a panicle. Flowers small, bisexual or unisexual. Sepals 3-6, connate at the base, imbricate. Petals 3-6, oblong-ovate, often much longer than the sepals, reflexed or spreading, valvate. Stamens 6-12, free; anthers oblong-ovate. Disc annular, crenate. Ovary sessile, ovate-subglobose, 3-5-locular, each locule 2 ovuled; style very short or absent; stigmas 3-5, obtuse. Fruit a globose or slightly oblong drupe with 3-5, l-seeded pyrenes. Seeds with foliaceous cotyledons.

A genus with about 80 species, mostly in tropical America.

Lower Taxon

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