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Cardiospermum Linn., Sp. Pl. 366. 1753. Gen. Pl. ed. 5, 447. 1754; Boiss., Fl. Or. 1:945. 1867; Hiern in Hook. f., Fl. Brit. Ind. 1:669. 1875; T. Cooke, Fl. Bomb. Pres. 2:263. 1902; Radlkofer in Engler, Pflanzenr. 4:165.370.1931; Jafri, Fl. Kar. 207. 1966; D.A. Webb in Tutin et al, Fl. Eur. 2:239. 1968.

Cardiospermum halicacabum var. microcarpum

Credit: M.Y. Saleem

Tendrillar herbs; base woody. Leaves exstipulate; alternate bipinnate; leaflets inciso-dentate. Flowers zygomorphic, in few-flowered, axillary cymes; cymes subtended by a pair of tendrils. Sepals 4, imbricate, 2 outer ones smaller. Petals 4, in pairs. Disc unilateral. Stamens 8, filaments unequal, free or connate at the base. Ovary excentric, sessile or subsessile, 3-locular, with one ovule in each locule. Fruit a loculicidal capsule, membranous, inflated, 3-valved. Seeds usually arillate at the base.

A genus of about 14 species, mostly in the tropical and subtropical regions of India, Africa and America. Represented in W. Pakistan by 1 species.

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