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Pakistan | Family List | Burseraceae

Commiphora Jacq., Hort. Schoenb. 2.66.t.249. 1797. nom. cons.; Cooke, Fl.Pres. Bomb. l:212.1901; Jafri, Fl. Kar. 186.1966.

  • Balsamodendron Kunth
  • Heudelotia A. Rich.

    Trees or shrubs, often armed or thorny. Leaves alternate or fascicled, compound, l-3 (or more)-foliolate, imparipinnate; leaflets sessile or subsessile, serrate, crenate, or entire. Flowers solitary or in fascicles of 2-5 or in panicles, small, sessile-subsessile, bisexual or unisexual. Calyx cupular, urceolate or tubular, 4 toothed or lobed, persistent. Petals 4, valvate. Stamens mostly 8, inserted on the margin of the annular or cupular disc, filaments usually unequal, dilated at the base. Ovary ovoid, sessile, 2-4-loculed, each locule 2 ovuled; syle short with 2-4 obtusely lobed stigma. Fruit a drupe, globose or subglobose, compressed or not.

    A genus of about 185 species found in India, W. Pakistan, Arabia, Tropical and Southern Africa. Of these only 2 species are reported from W. Pakistan.

    1 Leaflets entire, pubescent; petals not reflexed; stamens equal; fruit with 4 white longitudinal lines.   Commiphora stocksiana
    + Leaflets serrate, glabrous; petals reflexed; stamens alternately short and long; fruit with 2 white longitudinal lines or grooves   Commiphora wightii

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