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Pakistan | Family List | Coriariaceae

Coriaria Linn., Sp. Pl. 1037. 1753. Gen. Pl. ed. 5.459. 1754; DC., Prodr. 1:739.1824; Benth & Hook. f., Gen.Pl. 1:429. 1862; Good, New Phytol. 29:170.1930; Tutin in Tutin et al., Fl. Europ. 2:236. 1968.

Coriaria nepalensis

Credit: Azamat

  • Heterocladus Turcz.
  • Heterophylleia Turcz.

    Branches quadrangular. Leaves sub-sessile, entire or somewhat denticulate. Flowers small, green or greenish-yellow, protogynous. Sepals ovate, imbricate, persistent. Petals thin and shorter than sepals in flower, succulent and enlarged in fruit, valvate, persistent. Stamens exserted, filaments filiform, anthers large oblong or ovate-oblong, dithecous, dehiscence longitudinal. Carpels and ovaries 5-10, superior, unilocular, laterally compressed, each with a single pendulous anatropous ovule with 2 integuments and dorsal raphe; styles 5-10, free arising from inner edge of ovary, filiform, puberulous, stigmatose on ventral surface. Achenes deep purple, blue or black. Seed compressed; embryo straight, radicle superior, cotyledons thick and fleshy.

    The genus is represented by one species in the mountainous region of West Pakistan.

    Lower Taxon


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