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Pakistan | Family List | Lardizabalaceae

Holboellia Wall., Tent. Fl. Nep. 23. 1824. Benth. & Hook. f., Gen. pl. 1:42. 1862; Hook f., Fl. Brit. Ind. 1 :108. 1872; Parker, For. Fl. Punjab (reprint ed.) 16. 1956; Bailey, Stand. Cyclop. Hort. 2: 1496. 1950; Rehder, Man. Cult. Trees and Shrubs, ed. 2.220. 1951; Willis, Diet. ed. 7:550. 1966.

Holboellia latifolia

Credit: Shaukat

Climbing or twining evergreen shrubs with digitate compound, coriaceous leaves. Inflorescence racemose in axillary fascicles; plants monoecious. Flowers unisexual, actinomorphic, bracteate. Sepals (perianth) 6, biseriate. Petals 6, minute or very reduced, orbicular or nectariform. Male flowers with 6, free stamens and with or without very small pistillodes; anthers long, about as long as the filaments, longitudinally opening; connectives somewhat projecting. Female flowers with 6 minute staminodes and 3 separate diverging carpels, one or each maturing into separate fruit. Fruit a berry, 1-locular, many seeded on parietal placenta, flesh-coloured or rose-purple, glabrous; seeds small, straight or somewhat curved, blackish, embedded in pulp.

A small genus with about 6 Asian species; only one is recorded from W. Pakistan.

Lower Taxon


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