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22. Lamium L., Sp. Pl. 579. 1753. L., Gen. Pl. ed. 5: 252. 1754; Beath. in DC., Prodr. 12: 504. 1848; Hook. f., Fl. Brit. Ind. 4: 678. 1885; Briquet in Engler & Prantl, Nat. Pflanzenfam. ed. 1, 4, 3A: 254. 1896; Mukerjee in Rec. Bot. Surv. Ind. 14, 1: 160. 1940; Gorshkova in Komarov, Fl. URSS 21: 124. 1954; Mennema in Rech. f., Fl. Iran. 150: 321. 1982; Mennema in Leiden Bot. Ser. no. H. 1989.

I.C. Hedge

Annual or perennial herbs, herbaceous, with simple hairs. Leaves undivided, margins lobed, crenate or serrate, reniform to ovate, petiolate or sessite. Verticillasters many-flowered, in axils of upper leaves. Bracts small, linear. Flowers white, cream, pink or purplish. Calyx tubular or campanulate, not or scarcely bilabiate, 5-nerved; teeth ± equal, as long as or dearly longer than tube; tube internally glabrous or pilose. Corolla clearly longer than calyx, bilabiate; upper lip straight or hooded; lower lip equal to or shorter than upper, 3-lobed; tube exserted beyond calyx teeth, straight or curved, annulate or not within. Stamens 4, didynamous, anterior pair longer than posterior, included under upper lip of corolla; thecae bilocular, spreading, prominently bearded. Style clearly 2-lobed. Nutlets clearly trigonous below, obovoid, substipitate, laterally almost flanged, apically truncate-rounded, smooth, with or without irregular raised white blotches.

About 30 species mainly in Europe and SW Asia. The prominently white-bearded thecae and the clearly trigonous nutlets are usually diagnostic for the genus.

1 Annual with pink-purple flowers; upper stem leaves amplexicaul; corolla with a slender tube   2 Lamium amplexicaule
+ Perennial with white flowers; upper stem leaves petiolate; corolla with a curved ± sturdy tube   1 Lamium album

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