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Lignariella Baehni in Candollea. 15: 47. 1955. Jafri in Candollea 131. 1957.

Lignariella obscura

Credit: Shaukat & Azmat

Annual or biennial, tender, flexuouse herbs, subspreading or procumbent, glabrous, distantly leafy. Leaves deeply trilobed to almost entire, obovate to elliptic, somewhat spathulate, narrowed below, sessile. Inflorescence a bracteate raceme or flowers soliary axillary, lax. Flowers small to large, violet, pinkish or white: pedicels filiform, flexuose, elongated in fruit, spreading to deflexed. Sepals subequal. inner subsaccate at base. Petals twice as long as the sepals, sometimes broad and showy, hardly clawed. Stamens 6; filaments not appendaged; anthers ovate, obtuse. Lateral nectar glands semi-annular, open towards the inner side; middle glands torose, usually joining the laterals. Ovary ovoid to oblong or elliptic, 1-locular, 4-8 (-10)-ovuled; style conspicuous with depressed stigma. Siliquae short, elliptic-oblong or oblong, ± curved upwards, glabrous; valves convex or subflattened. membranous; septum absent or rudimentary; seeds (1-) 3-6, 1-seriate or sub-biseriate, oblong-ovoid, not mucilaginous when wet; cotyledons obliquely incum¬bent or accumbent.

2 species in the Himalayas; only 1 recorded from our area.

Differs from Aphragmus and Braya by its annual, flexuose habit, ± trilobed leaves, bracteate flowers and fruits always aseptate, with usually 1-seriate seeds and distinct style.

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