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Pakistan | Family List | Martyniaceae

Martynia Linn., Sp. P1. 618. 1753. Gen. P1. ed. 5.270. 1754; L.H. Bailey, Stand. Cyclop. Hort. 4: 2005. 1919.

  • Myrtinia Nees

    Annual herbs with a strong odour. Leaves subcordate, entire or lobed. Flowers large, campanulate or infundibuliform, in terminal or axillary racemes. Sepals 5, free or deeply divided, usually unequal, imbricate. Corolla 5-lobed, more or less bilabiate. Fertile stamens 2. Ovary unilocular with 2 intruding T-shaped parietal placentae meeting in the centre; style long, splitting at ma┬Čturity, Capsule fleshy, 2-valved. Seeds large, with thick rough coat.

    A native of C. America, naturalized here and there in tropics and subtropics.

    Lower Taxon

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