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Muhlenbergia Schreb., Gen. Pl., ed. 8, 1:44. 1789. Hook.f., Fl. Brit. Ind. 7:258. 1896; Bor, Fl. Assam 5:148. 1940; Sultan & Stewart, Grasses W. Pak. 2:296. 1959; Bor, Grasses Burma Ceyl. Ind. Pak. 401. 1960; Bor in Rech.f., Fl. Iran. 70:310. 1970; Tzvelev, Poaceae URSS 643. 1976.

Annuals or prennials. Leaf-blades flat or convolute. Panicle open or the spikelets clustered on the branches. Spikelets lanceolate, oblong or elliptic, small, the rhachilla disarticulating above the glumes, not prolonged or very rarely prolonged and bearing a second floret; glumes persistent, subequal or unequal, the lower rarely obsolete, obtuse to acuminate or awned, membranous or hyaline, 1-nerved; lemma usually longer than the glumes, acute, obtuse or truncate, awnless or awned from the tip or just below it, 3-nerved; callus short, obtuse; palea equal to or a little longer or shorter than the lemma. Caryopsis fusiform with adherent pericarp.

A genus of about 100 species from the Himalayas eastward to Japan and North America southward to the Andes; 3 species occur in Pakistan.

It is now clear that Muhlenbergia is misplaced in tribe Agrostideae. Its anatomy is chloridoid so its affinity is with Chlorideae. The 1-flowered spikelet suggests that it belongs in Sporoboleae, but some authors have placed it in its own tribe Muhlenbergieae or in a subtribe (Muhlenbergiinae) of Chlorideae on the strength of its fusiform rather than ellipsoid caryopsis with adherent pericarp.

1 Glumes at least four-fifths as long as the lemma, often equalling or exceeding it; panicle with the spikelets clustered about the short main branches; plant without rhizomes   Muhlenbergia duthieana
+ Glumes not as much as four-fifths as long as the lemma, mostly less than three-quarters as long; panicle loose and nodding, the spikelets scarcely clustered about the rather long, flexuous main branches   (2)
2 (1) Fairly robust rhizomatous perennial, usually without stolons; leaves up to 7 mm wide; spikelets 2-3.3 mm long; glumes 1.3-2.2 mm long, less than half to two-thirds as long as the lemma   Muhlenbergia huegelii
+ Slender non-rhizomatous perennial with creeping stolons; leaves 1.5-3 mm wide; spikelets 3-4 mm long; glumes 2.5-3.4 mm long, two-thirds to three-quarters as long as the lemma   Muhlenbergia himalayensis

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