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Pakistan | Family List | Menyanthaceae

Nymphoides Seguier, Pl.Veron. 3.121. 1754. Med.Phil.Bot.1:35.1789; Bobrov in Shishkin & Bobrov Fl.USSR. 18:643.1952; Schiman-Czeika in Rech.f.Fl.lran.41:2.1967.

  • Limnanthemum S.G.Gmel.
  • Schewykerta S.G.Gmel.

    Perennial aquatic herbs, leaves petiolate, subopposite or alternate, lamina entire to somewhat wavy. Inflorescence an axillary in umbellate clusters. Calyx deeply 5-lobed. Corolla deeply 5 lobed, rotate lobes with fringed appendages, deciduous. Disc 5-lobed at the base of fleshy ovary, lobes alternating with the stamens. Ovary superior, unilocular with few to many ovules. Style simple, short, stigma 2-3 lobed. Capsule ellipsoid or ovoid, indehiscent. Seeds numerous, ovoid-orbicular with usually finely reticulate tests.

    A genus with about 20 species distributed in temperate and tropical regions of both hemispheres. Represented in Pakistan by 2 species only.

    1 Sepals lanceolate. Petals bright yellow, obovate, emarginate. Capsule ovoid, 18-25 mm long. Seeds smooth. Perennial   Nymphoides peltatum
    + Sepals oblong. Petals white with yellow base, oblong, acute. Capsule ellipsoid, c.5-6 mm long. Seeds tuberculate. Annual   Nymphoides cristata

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