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Pakistan | Family List | Pakistan V. 210 | Asteraceae

Pseudognaphalium Kirp. in Acta Inst. Bot. Acad. Sc. URSS. Ser.1, Fasc. 9: 33. 1950.; O. M. Hilliard & B. L. Burtt in Bot. J. Linn. Soc. 82: 202. 1981; Anderb. in Bremer, Asteraceae, Clad. & Class. 362. 1994; Grierson & Springate in Grierson, D. G. Long & Springate, Fl. Bhutan 2(3): 1522. 2001; Boulos & Hind in Boulos, Fl. Egypt 3: 207. 2002.

  • Hypalichrysum Kirp.

    Annual, rarely biennial or perennial herbs with simple, sessile, ± clasping or decurrent leaves. Capitula disciform in small, loose terminal corymbs; phyllaries multiseriate, scarious, yellowish, whitish or sometimes brownish, stereome divided. Receptacle flat, naked. Outer florets female, many, outnumbering the central ones, filiform, corolla yellow; central florets bisexual, few, tubular, corolla yellow, 5-lobed. Cypselas ± oblong, glabrous, papillose or sparsely hairy with short clavate myxogenic twin hairs; pappus simple, setae slender, free or partly coherent at base, deciduous, apical cell subclavate.

    genus with 80 species, mainly distributed in South and Central America but several species in Africa and Asia. Represented in Pakistan by 3 species.

    1 Leaves subamplexicaul-auricled, green glandular on upper surface, white tomentose beneath.   Pseudognaphalium hypolecum
    + Leaves sessile not amplexicaul or auricled, whitish tomentose on both surfaces.   (2)
    2 (1) Phyllaries pale to dark brown or reddish brown.   Pseudognaphalium luteo-album
    + Phyllaries citrine to golden yellow.   Pseudognaphalium affine

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