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Pakistan | Family List | Poaceae

Rostraria Trin., Fund. Agrost. 149. 1820. Tzvelev, Poaceae URSS 267. 1976.

  • Aegialina Schult.
  • Aegialitis Trin.
  • Lophochloa Reichb.

    Annuals. Leaf-blades flat. Inflorescence a lax or dense spike-like panicle. Spikelets (1-)2-5(-10)-flowered, all alike, the rhachilla produced or not; glumes subequal or unequal, keeled, with hyaline margins; lemmas usually a little longer than the glumes, 5-nerved with hyaline margins, acute or obtuse, with a straight or slightly curved awn from just below the bifid tip; callus obscure, glabrous or shortly hairy; stamens 3; stigmas 2.

    A genus of about 10 species in temperate Eurasia and North Africa, introduced elsewhere; 3 species occur in Pakistan, 1 of them endemic to Kashmir.

    Rostraria is similar to, and often included in Koeleria, but differs by its annual habit. Trisetaria also resembles Rostraria, but has a perfect, geniculate awn.

    1 Spikelets 1-flowered; awn about as long as lemma   Rostraria clarkeana
    + Spikelets 3-10-(usually 4-5-) flowered; awn usually shorter than lemma   (2)
    2 (1) Glumes unequal, thinly hairy or glabrous; rhachilla not produced, subglabrous or with hairs not more than 0.5 mm long   Rostraria cristata
    + Glumes subequal, the lower shortly and densely hairy, the upper usually subglabrous; rhachilla always produced, densely villous with hairs about 1 mm long   Rostraria pumila

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