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Pakistan | Family List | Tiliaceae

Tilia Linn., Sp. Pl. 514. 1753. Gen. Pl. ed. 5.230. 1754; Benth. & Hook. f., Gen. Pl. 1:236. 1862; Yaltirik in Davis, Fl. Turk. 2:421. 1967; Hutch., Gen. Fl. Pl. 2:485. 1967; Willis, Dict. Fl. Pl. & Ferns ed. 8.1154. 1973.

Deciduous trees with simple or stellate hairs. Leaves petiolate, obliquely cordate or truncate at the base, unlobed, serrate or denticulate. Inflorescence an axillary or terminal cyme with the membranous persistent bract adhering to the basal half of peduncle to form a wing. Flowers yellowish-white, pentamerous, hypogynous, fragrant. Sepals 5, free, caducous. Petals 5. Stamens many, free or united into 5 antipetalous bundles, rarely epipetalous, staminodes present. Carpels 5, syncarpous; ovary 5-loculed, each locule biovulate; style simple, stigma 5-lobed. Fruit an ovoid-globose, mostly 3-5-ribbed, unilocular, 1-3-seeded indehiscent nut. Seeds with oily endosperm and lobed foliaceous cotyledons.

About 50 species; distributred in north temperate regions, south to Indo-China and highlands of Mexico. Represented in Pakistan by one introduced species.

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