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Oxalis corniculata L., Sp. Pl. 435. 1753. Edgew. and. Hk. f. in Hk. f., I.c.; Post, Fl. Syr. Pal. Sin. 196. 1883; Collet, I.c.; R. Knuth, I.c., 146; J. Cullen in Davis, I.c., 490; D.P. Young, I.c., 192. (Fig. 2 A C).

Vern. `Khatti booti

  • Oxalis foliosa Blatter
  • Oxalis repens Thunb.
  • Oxalis villosa M. Bieb.

    Plants creeping, pubescent, rooting at the nodes. Leaflets 4—15 mm long, 8—32 mm broad, obcordate, pilose-tomentose. Flowers solitary or in 2—5 flowered axillary umbels. Pedicel 5—15 mm long, deflexed in fruit. Bracts 3—5, linear. Sepals 5, linear lanceolate, pilose. Petals 5, yellow. Filaments glabrous. Carpels 5, pubescent; styles longer than the shorter stamens. Capsule 1—2.5 cm long, subcylindric, pubescent. Seeds 1.5 mm long, brown, transversely ribbed.

    Type: Described from Italy and Sicily. Hb. Linn. 600/31 (LINN).

    Fl. Per. March December.

    Distribution: A cosmopolitan weed.

    A very variable species in form and size. Common during the spring season from the plains to 2700 m. The leaves can be used as vegetable. The juice of the plant mixed with onion is used to remove warts.


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