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Pakistan | Family List | Primulaceae | Lysimachia

4. Lysimachia chenopodioides Watt ex Hook. f., Fl. Brit. Ind. 3:503. 1882. Collett, l.c.; Knuth, l.c. 272; Handel-Mazzetti,, l.c. 111; H. Kihara, Fauna & Fl. Nepal, 197.1955; H. Hara, Fl. of E. Himalayas, 2nd report, 100.1971.


  • Lysimachia glandulosa auct. non Edgew.: Klatt

    A glabrous, erect or decumbent perennial 9-40 cm tall, branched. Stem and branches subangular, shoot tip minutely glandulose. Leaves 20-53 x 6-15 mm, alternate, ovate-cuneate, acute-subacuminate, upper ones smaller, decurrent, glandular-punctate, margin crisp, crenulate-wavy or entire, minutely puberulous, under surface lighter coloured. Petiole shorter or almost equalling the lamina. Flowers axillary solitary (-2), subsessile. Pedicel less than 1 mm, up to 3 mm in fruit. Calyx lobes subacuminate (apiculate), red glandular-streaked, margin membranous, towards apex minutely asperulous. Corolla campanulate, slightly exceeding the calyx; lobes ligulate, obtuse or subacute. Stamens opposite the lobes; filaments c. 0.8 mm, not exserted; anther ovate-cordate, less than the filament in length, yellow, glabrous, versatile; tube obscure, adnate to the corolla tube, glandular-stipitate. Ovary globose-ovoid, c. 1.5 mm broad. Style c. 1.8 x 0.5 mm, persistent, included; stigma subcapitate. Capsule globose, 3.5-4 mm broad, glabrous, dehiscing irregularly. Seeds 34-38 in number, trigonal, reticulate.

    Fl. Per.: July-August.

    Holotype: N.W. Himalaya, 6-9000 ft., (probably Ramnagar, Jummu, fide R.R. Stewart, in nota), J.D. Hooker & Thomson 4 (K!).

    Distribution: Kashmir to Simla and Missouri, Nepal, Bhutan, Yunnan, N. Burma and Pakistan.

    As in the previous species there is some controversy regarding flower colour. J.D. Hooker (1882) states the colour to be pink, whereas Knuth (1905) as yellow. This needs to be verified.


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