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16. Primula involucrata Wall. (Cat. 7107.1832) ex Duby in DC., Prodr. 8:42. 1844. Hook. f., Fl. Brit. Ind. 3:488; Pax in Engler, Bot. Jahrb. 10:197.1889; in Engler, Pflanzenr. 22:76.1905; Coventry, Wild Flowers of Kashmir, Ser. 2, 67. Pl. 34.1927; W.W. Smith & H.R. Fletcher, 1943, p. 51.


  • Primula munroi Lindley

    A glabrous efarinose perennial. Leaves 7-11.5 x 0.2-2.4 cm, suborbicular to elliptic-oblong, entire to obscurely denticulate, more or less membranous. Petiole much exceeding the lamina in length. Scape (10-) 17-32 cm long, 2-5 flowered, more or less stout, glabrous. Flowers heteromorphic, white, but sometimes tinged pink. Bracts 9-18 mm long, auricled. Calyx 5.5-8 mm long, broad campanulate, 5-ribbed, the ribs green, glandular-punctate or not, 1/3 cleft, glabrous; lobes triangular or broad lanceolate, margin glandulose. Corolla tube 11-13 mm long, c. twice the calyx length; limb 15-21 mm broad, lobes 5.5-7.5 mm long, obcordate, retuse to emarginate, throat yellow, annulate. Style 9 mm long (in pin-eyed flowers). Capsule cylindric or broadly so, exceeding the calyx in length, yellowish-brown. Seeds many, ovoid in outline.

    Fl. Per.: July-August.

    Holotype: Buddrenath, Garhwal, Blinkworth 7107 (K-Wall.; iso. E! CGE! G!).

    Distribution: Himalaya, from Kashmir to Bhutan, Assam, W. China.

    The species is closely related to the S.W. Chinese Primula yargongensis Petitm., which has mauve to rosy-red flowers. Ludlow (l.c.) states that in S.E. Tibet, populations of Primula involucrate occur where white and pink flowers are found. The two species however differ cytologically. Primula yargongensis has the diploid no. 20 and Primula involucrate has 44. The species is found throughout the Himalaya from elevations of 2743-4200 m, in moist meadows, near streams.


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