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Pakistan | Family List | Pakistan V. 207 | Asteraceae | Xylanthemum

2. Xylanthemum pamiricum (O. Hoffm.) Tzvelev, Fl. URSS. 26: 286. 1961.

Chrysanthemum pamiricum O. Hoffm. in Paulsen,Vidensk. Meddel. Dansk. Naturhist. Fören. Kjöbenhaven 1903: 149. 1903; C. pamiricum O.Hoffm. subsp. tschitralense Bornm. in Feddes Repert. Beih. 108: 67. t. 20. f. 2. 1938; Pyrethrum pamiricum (O. Hoffm.) O. & B. Fedtsch., Fl. Pamir 37. 1903; Tanacetum pamiricum (O. Hoffm.) Bornm. in Mitt. Thur., Bot. Ver. N. F. 22: 48. 1907; Podlech in Rech. f., Fl. Iran. Comp. IV. 158: 139. t. 132. 1986.

A woody shrublet with numerous, ascending to erect, densely to laxly appressed grayish tomentose, monocephalous, erect to ascending shoots from intricately branched, c. 3 cm thick woody rootstock. Leaves soft, beset with bifurcate to simple appressed hairs or ± glabrous, basal and lower leaves long-petioled, broadly obovate to ± oval, 10 – 20 mm long, 8 – 10 mm broad, few-lobed, with narrow linear lobes as auricles at the thickened petiole base, middle stem leaves petioled, pinnatisect with primary segments palmatisect into 2-5, broadly lanceolate-linear, ± revolute and subacute ultimate segments, upper leaves subsessile, ± dissected to entire. Capitula solitary teminal, 5 – 8 mm across, several per plant, on up to 6 cm long peduncles. Involucre ± napiform, phyllaries tightly imbricate, green-nerved, somewhat carinate, very narrowly brownish scarious-margined, outer narrowly ovate, subacute, inner narrowly spathulate, 3-5 times as long as outer, ciliate at the obtuse apices. Florets greenish-yellow, bisexual, with 3 – 3.5 mm long, punctate glandular, 5-toothed, usually sparsely hairy above corolla tube. Cypselas linear, c. 4 mm long, 5-ribbed, punctate glandular. Pappus ± ventral, of 3-6, oblong, 1.2 – 1.8 mm long scales.

Fl. Per.: July-September.

Holotype: Described from Pamir Alai Ranges, O. Paulsen (C) Isotype (LE).

Rare or undercollected in our area, grows on sandy-gravel slopes in dry mountains above 3000 msl in subalpine zone; Distribution: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Central Asia (Pamir Alai ranges).

Reported from Chitral and Jugi Dorah by Podlech (l.c.).


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