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Pakistan | Family List | Poaceae | Arthraxon

Arthraxon lancifolius (Trin.) Hochst. in Flora, Jena. 39:188. 1856. Blatter & McCann, Bombay Grasses 77. 1935; Bor, Fl. Assam 5:378. 1940; Sultan & Stewart, Grasses W. Pak. 1:88. 1958; Bor, Grasses Burma Ceyl. lnd. Pak. 100. 1960; Bor in Rech. f., Fl. Iran. 70:534. 1970.

  • Andropogon lancifolius Trin.
  • Andropogon multicaulis Steud.
  • Arthraxon microphyllus of Hook. f.
  • Arthraxon molle (Nees) Duthie
  • Arthraxon schimperi (Hochst ex A. Rich.) Hochst.
  • Bathratherum molle Nees
  • Lucaea schimperi (Hochst. ex A. Rich.) Steud.
  • Pleuroplitis lancifolia (Trin.) Regel
  • Psilopogon schimperi Hochst. ex A. Rich.
  • Psilopogon schimperi* (Hochst. ex A. Rich.) Regel

    Annual; culms slender, 5-30 cm long, usually trailing. Leaf-blades lanceolate to narrowly ovate, 1-4 cm long, 3-10 mm wide, delicate, flaccid. Inflorescence of 2-9 racemes, each 1-2 cm long; internodes long-ciliate, the hairs attaining 1-2 mm towards the summit. Sessile spikelet linear, 2-3(-5) mm long; lower glume membranous, strongly convex on the back, scaberulous; upper glume produced into a fine bristle 0.5-1.5 mm long; awn 6-10 mm long; anthers 2, 0.3-0.6 mm long. Pedicelled spikelet lanceolate, 1 -2(-3) mm long, rarely quite suppressed.

    Fl. & Fr. Per.: July-October.

    Type: Nepal (LE).

    Distribution: Pakistan (Punjab, N.W.F.P., Gilgit & Kashmir); Mali to Mozambique; through Arabia and India, to China and Indonesia.

    Arthraxon lancifolius has been confused in the past with Arthraxon microphyllus (Trin.) Hochst. (Arthraxon sikkimensis Bor) a species now recognised as confined to the Himalayas in Nepal, Sikkim and Assam (See Jain in Indian Forester 97: 220-222. 1971).


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