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Pakistan | Family List | Caesalpiniaceae | Cassia

Cassia wallichiana DC. in Mem. Soc. Phys. Hist. Nat. Geneve. 2 (2): 133. 1824. Ali and S. Quraishi in S.U. Sci. Res. J. 3: 9. 1967.

  • Cassia dimidiata Ham. ex D. Don

    Perennial shrub, branches pilose, hairs spreading or not. Leaves stipulate, stipules lateral, lanceolate, c. 1 cm long; leaf c. 5-9 cm long, rachis canaliculate. Petiole c. 2-4 mm. Gland cupuliferous, sessile, situated on the rachis, c. 1 mm from lowest pair of leaflets. Leaflets 13-24 pairs, c. 8-14 mm long, c. 2-2.5 mm broad, entire, cuspidate, glabrous, rarely pilose below, wide on one side. Flowers yellow, solitary axillary, pedicel 3-4 cm long; bracteoles 2.2-3 mm long, alternate, the upper situated c. 2-5 mm from the calyx base. Sepals 5, c. 6-7.5 mm long, pilose. Petals c. 9-10 mm, obtuse. Stamens 10, sometimes 7. Legume c. 3-4 cm long, 4 mm broad, pilose. Seeds c. 12.

    Fl. Per.: August-September.

    Type: In Nepalia, Wallich (G-DC-not seen).

    Distribution: W. Pakistan, Punjab; India (Uttar Pradesh, Madras, Mysore); Bhutan; Nepal.


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