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Pakistan | Family List | Labiatae | Hymenocrater

Hymenocrater sessilifolius Benth. in DC., Prodr. 12: 406. 1848. Burkill, Work. List Fl. Pl. Baluch. 61. 1909; Hedge in Notes Roy. Bot. Gard. Edinb. 27:168.1967; Stewart, Ann. Cat.Vasc. Pl. W. Pak. & Kashm. 614. 1972; Rech. f., Fl. Iran. 150: 243, t. 226, 227; 557-f. 1-4; 569-f.2. 1982.

I.C. Hedge

  • Hymenocrater argutidens Rech. f.

    Perennial aromatic herb with a sturdy thick woody rootstock; tufts up to 30 cm across. Stems many, usually unbranched, c. 20-45 cm, erect or ascending, finely glandular-pilose, quadrangular, leafy. Leaves ovate to ovate-elliptic, c. 20-30 x 10-20 mm, rather stiff-textured, serrulate to regularly serrate, lowermost shortly petiolate, upper sessile, cordate or truncate, apically acute, with a ± dense indumentum above and below of short capitate glandular hairs; nervation prominent, raised on abaxial surface. Verticillasters 2-many-¬flowered, pedunculate or not, 2-8, distant. Bracts scarious, 5-6 mm, narrow ovate-elliptic to oblong-elliptic. Flowers sessile or almost so. Calyx 15-ribbed, finely glandular pubescent; tube c.5 mm long bearde limb green or bright purplish violet, wide-spreading, of ovate, finely reticulately nerved, membranous c. 15 x 7 mm broadly acute lobes. Corolla purplish blue or violet, 15-22 mm long; tube 12-17 mm, narrow. Stamens markedly didynamous. Nutlets broad oblong, c. 3 x 2 mm, brown, smooth, not trigonous, apically rounded, not mucilaginous on wetting.

    Fl. Per.: April-July.

    Type: Afghanistan, Ad Kalou et in colic Erak, Griffith (holo K!).

    Distribution: E Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan.

    Easily recognized by the glandular, serrate leaves, the large broad membranous lobes of the calyx and the long-tubed violet flowers.


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