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Pakistan | Family List | Rubiaceae | Rubia

2. Rubia infundibularis Hemsl. & Lace in J. Linn. Soc. 28: 324. 1891. Parker, l.c.; Parsa, l.c. 26; Ehrend, l.c. 138; Kitam., Fl. Afgh. 369.1960; R.R. Stewart, l.c.


  • Rubia albicaulis var. stenophylla forma infundibularis (Hemsl. & Lace) Deb & Malick

    Prostrate or trailing perennial herb to undershrub. Stem woody at base; branches herbaceous, quadrangular, mostly hirsute, scabridulous, rough, angles minutely scabrid; older branches ± glabrous, whitish or grey with thin papery bark peeling off in strips. Leaves mostly opposite, rarely 4 in a whorl, (2-) 5-10 x (0.2-) 0.3-0.5 (-0.8) cm, linear, sessile, margin entire, thickened and scabrid, apex acuminate, surface hirsute or scabridulous. Inflorescence axillary and terminal of few flowered cymes; peduncle up to 1 cm long. Flowers greenish yellow, 2.5-6 mm long, bracts linear-narrowly elliptic, acute, hirsute; pedicel 2-3 mm long, thickened and enlarged in fruit. Calyx pubescent, ± glabrous. Corolla 2.5-4 mm long, pubescent outside; tube c. 1.25-1.50 mm long, lobes 5, rarely 4, lanceolate, acute or mucronate, valvate. Stamens 5, rarely 4, inserted on the throat of corolla-tube, anthers oblong, exserted, 0.5-1 mm long. Style 2.5-3.5 mm long, branched ± from the middle, ± unequal; stigma globose. Fruit 3-5 x 2-3.5 mm, globose by suppression of one carpel or didymous, black when ripe, ± glabrous.

    Fl. Per.: May-September

    Type: Baluchistan, Ziarat, J.H. Lace 3945 & 3870 (CAL).

    Distribution: Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    A fairly wide spread species in the hilly areas, particularly in Baluchistan, ascending upto 2500 m; among rocks and cliffs.


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