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Buxbaumia Hedwig, Spec. Musc. 166. 1801.
[for J. C. Buxbaum, d. 1730, its discoverer]

Authors: W. B. Schofield

Archegoniate plants of 1-stratose, ovate to ovate-lanceolate leaves. Archegoniate shoots of leaves with ciliate or jagged margins. Seta erect, rough, red-brown when mature 3---15 mm, bulging where it joints the oblique capsule.

Sporophytes appearing in autumn, mature spring. Species 12 (4 in the flora): North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, Pacific Islands (New Zealand).

This genus is unlikely to be seen unless sporophytes are present. No other genus in North America is likely to be confused with it, as the characteristic obliquely oriented sporangium on an erect rough seta make it distinctive.

1 Upper face of capsule, when mature, with a shiny ridge bounding the margin of the face.   (2)
+ Upper face of capsule, when mature, not or weakly bounded by a marginal ridge, but gradually merging with lower face .   (3)
2 (1) Capsule glossy, dark chestnut red-brown when mature, broadly ovoid, the face nearly perpendicular to the seta.   Buxbaumia aphylla
+ Capsule dull brown to greenish-brown when mature, narrowly ovoid, the face strongly oblique to the seta.   Buxbaumia piperi
3 (1) Exterior membrane of upper face of capsule splitting irregularly longitudinally and curling outward or inward, opalescent; capsule ovoid.   Buxbaumia viridis
+ Exterior membrane of upper face intact when mature, not opalescent, generally dull; capsule narrowly ovoid to cylindric   Buxbaumia minakatae

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