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Campylostelium Bruch & Schimper in Bruch, Schimper & W. G├╝mbel, Bryol. Eur. 2(fasc. 29/30). 25. 1846.

Greek camp, bending, and stelo, pillar, referring to the curved setae

Plants small, gregarious or cespitose, yellowish-green. Stems erect. Leaves loosely crispate to circinate when dry, linear from a slightly broader base; medial cells smooth; margins entire, thickened distally. Specialized asexual reproduction lacking. Seta curved when wet, flexuous when dry. Capsule ovoid-cylindric, smooth to indistinctly wrinkled or ribbed when dry; peristome teeth slender, single or variously perforate or divided, densely papillose or spiculose, often nodose. Calyptra mitrate, smooth, not plicate, lobed proximally. Spores smooth.

Species 2 (1 in the flora): North America; Europe; Asia; Africa.

Lower Taxon

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