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Cryphaea F. Weber, Tabula Calyptratarum Operculatarum, Musc. Frondos. Gen. 3. 1814.

Greek, cryph, hidden; referring to the immersed sporophytes

William D. Reese

Plants small, dull, green to glaucous- or brownish-green. Branches mostly short, slender, wiry, simple or irregularly branched; axillary hairs 3--4 per axil, with 1(--2) short proximal cells and 2--3 elongate distal cells. Leaves tightly imbricate when dry, mostly wide-spreading when moist, concave, margins plane or somewhat recurved proximally; medial cells smooth or prorulose abaxially, especially distally, mostly smooth adaxially. Perichaetia lateral on branches; interior leaves mostly more or less awned, the awns usually denticulate-roughened. Peristome mostly double, exostome teeth narrowly triangular, papillose; endostome segments narrow, papillose, sometimes indistinct or lacking. Calyptra mostly conic, sometimes almost cucullate, smooth to papillose.

Species ca. 50--60 (4 in the flora): worldwide, mostly tropical and subtropical regions.

Plants of Cryphaea grow in thin or dense colonies, with the slender, often inconspicuous branches standing out from the substrate. The dull, wiry aspect of the spreading, mostly simple branches is characteristic.


Manuel, M. G. 1973. Studies in Cryphaeaceae I. A revision of the genus Cryphaea in North America North of Mexico. Bryologist 76: 144--162.

1 Leaf apex rounded to bluntly acute; peristome single, exostome teeth joined in pairs.   Cryphaea ravenelii
+ Leaf apex acute to acuminate; peristome double, exostome teeth single.   (2)
2 (1) Costa ending in leaf acumen, percurrent or nearly so; leaf apices acuminate.   Cryphaea nervosa
+ Costa ending at midleaf or above, but not percurrent; leaf apices acute.   (3)
3 (2) Interior perichaetial leaves mostly 1.6--1.9 mm, their awns about 1/5--1/4 length of expanded portion of leaf; costa stout, often 2-fid at tip; plants common, widespread in eastern and southeastern U.S.   Cryphaea glomerata
+ Interior perichaetial leaves mostly 2.5--2.8 mm, their awns about 1/2 length of expanded portion of leaf; costa slender, not 2-fid at tip; plants rare, in the flora area known only from southern Florida.   Cryphaea filiformis

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