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Cyrto-Hypnum (Hampe) Hampe & Lorentz in Hampe, Bot. Zeit. 27: 455. 1869.

[Greek cyrto, curved or arched, and hypnum, lichen, or by usage, pleurocarpous moss]

William R. Buck

  • Hypnum subg. Cyrto-hypnum Hampe
  • Thuidium sect. Minutula Schimper
  • Thuidium subg. Microthuidium Limpricht

    Plants small and slender, 1--2-pinnate; paraphyllia filamentous, unbranched; axillary hairs 2-celled. Stem leaves broadly triangular to broadly ovate, acuminate; margins crenulate-papillose, often recurved at least below; costa strong, extending 4/5 the leaf length to subpercurrent; cells ± quadrate, pluripapillose (or 1-papillose extralimitally) on both surfaces, usually with the papillae arranged around the periphery of the lumina. Branch leaves typically smaller than stem leaves, ovate to oblong-ovate, obtuse to short-acuminate; margins as stem leaves but plane; costa strong, ending 3/4--7/8 the leaf length, sometimes crested or the apex projecting as a small spine; cells similar to those of stem leaves. Sexual condition autoicous. Perichaetial leaves strongly differentiated, erect, oblong-lanceolate to oblong-ovate, acuminate; margins entire to ciliate; costa percurrent to excurrent. Seta slender, smooth or papillose. Capsules inclined to horizontal, cylindric; annulus differentiated in 2--3 rows; operculum obliquely long-rostrate; peristome hypnoid with endostomial segments not or narrowly perforate and cilia 1--3. Calyptra cucullate, naked.

    Species 30--40 (4 in the flora): mostly tropical.


    Buck, W. R. and H. A. Crum. 1990. An evaluation of familial limits among the genera traditionally aligned with the Thuidiaceae and Leskeaceae. Contr. Univ. Michigan Herb. 17: 55--69.

    1 Stems 1-pinnate; branch and stem leaves of about the same size, larger than 0.4 mm, strongly incurved when dry.   Cyrto-hypnum involvens
    + Stems 2-pinnate (sometimes inconspicuous); branch leaves smaller than stem leaves, less than 0.4 mm, erect to somewhat but not strongly incurved when dry.   (2)
    2 (1) Stems and branches as well as the paraphyllia papillose.   Cyrto-hypnum pygmaeum
    + Stems and branches with papillose paraphyllia, but not papillose themselves.   (3)
    3 (2) Stems weakly and irregularly 2-pinnate; cells of paraphyllia mostly twice as long as wide; seta smooth; perichaetial leaves serrulate.   Cyrto-hypnum minutulum
    + Stems regularly 2-pinnate; cells of paraphyllia mostly quadrate; seta rough; perichaetial leaves ciliate.   Cyrto-hypnum schistocalyx

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