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Solmsiella J. K. A. Müller, Bot. Centralbl. 19: 149. 1884.

[for H. M. C. L. F. zu Solms-Laubach, German botanist (1842-1915) + Latin ella, a diminutive]

Plants dull, light to yellow-green, becoming brownish with age. Leaves ± complanate both dry or wet, arranged in 4 rows, dimorphic, dorsal leaves larger, ± asymmetric, ventral leaves smaller, ± symmetric; laminal cells pluripapillose. Perichaetial leaves slightly enlarged, sheathing. Seta short. Capsule shortly exserted, oblong-cylindric, stomata few or wanting; annulus narrow, persistent; peristome absent; operculum obliquely apiculate to rostellate. Calyptra cucullate, ± papillose, non-plicate. Spores finely papillose.

Species 1 (1 in the flora): se United States, Mexico, West Indies, South America, Australia, Asia, Africa.

Lower Taxon

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