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Cleistocarpidium Ochyra & H. Bednarek-Ochyra, Fragm. Flor. Geobot. 41: 1035. 1996.

[Greek kleistos, unopened, and karpos, fruit; the indehiscent capsule lacks an operculum]

Kwok Leung Yip

Plants very small, loosely tufted. Costa strong, excurrent, awned. Perichaetial leaves proximally broadly ovate, abruptly subulate. Antheridia naked, in interior perichaetial leaf axils. Seta short. Capsule immersed, cleistocarpous, ovate, broader at the base, opaque, stomata many, scattered in proximal half of the capsule. Calyptra very small, mitraeform to cucullate, regularly 4-lobed at base.

Species ca. 2 (1 in the flora): widespread in eastern North America and Europe.

The calyptra of Cleistocarpidium is 4-lobed, often with a deep indention on one side (C. palustre in North America and Europe). The cryptoporic stomata of Cleistocarpidium are confined to the proximal half of the capsule, but not restricted to the extreme base as is the case with Pleuridium. The pale ovoid capsule may be slightly asymmetric. This genus includes Sporledera of European authors but not of Hampe 1837.


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