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Trichostomum tenuirostre (Hooker & Taylor) Lindberg, Öfvers. Förh. Kongl. Svenska Vetensk.-Akad. 21: 225. 1864.

  • Barbula wollei Austin
  • Oxystegus cylindricus (Bridel) Hilp.
  • Oxystegus tenuirostris (Hooker & Taylor) A. Smith
  • Trichostomum cylindricum (Bridel) J. K. A. Müller
  • Weissia tenuirostris Hooker & Taylor

    Stem rounded-pentagonal in section. Leaves flattened, lanceolate, distal margins plane, entire or weakly toothed, not bordered; apex acute, plane or keeled; basal cells differentiated across leaf base as a U or V, commonly running up margins, not distinctly enlarged submarginally; distal laminal cells pluripapillose with low papillae; mucro conic, of 3--6 cells. Sexual condition dioicous. Peristome teeth bluntly lanceolate.

    Varieties 2 (2 in the flora). Widely distributed in temperate and high-elevation tropical areas of the world, ranging into the Arctic.

    1 Gemmae absent.   Trichostomum tenuirostre var. tenuirostre
    + Multicellular gemmae on rhizoids from adaxial surface of the costa or in soil.   Trichostomum tenuirostre var. gemmiparum

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