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Hennediella heimii (Hedwig) R. H. Zander, Buffalo Soc. Nat. Sci. 32: 248. 1993.

  • Desmatodon heimii (Hedwig) Mitten
  • Gymnostomum heimii Hedwig
  • Pottia heimii (Hedwig) Fürnrohr
  • Pottia heimioides Kindberg

    Leaves ovate to broadly lanceolate, tubulose and stiff; distal margins with a 1-stratose border of elongate cells, distal lamina cells 10--16 µm. Sexual condition monoicous, either synoicous or autoicous. Sporophytes often present. Seta 5--15 mm. Capsules stegocarpous, systilious; theca wide-mouthed, 1--2.4(--3.5) mm; peristome absent.

    Varieties 15 (2 in the flora): North America, s South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, Pacific Islands (New Zealand), Antarctica.

    European infraspecific taxa attributed to the area of the flora are not distinct in the New World (also see R. T. Wareham 1939). S. Flowers (1973) may have included H. stanfordensis in his concept of this species, judging from the description, illustrations and his attribution of dioicy. However, like H. stanfordensis, this species may have gemmae borne on proximal rhizoids. This taxon exhibits polymorphisms (discussion by R. T. Wareham 1939) with considerable variation in differentiation of the leaf border of elongate cells and marginal dentation, the distal cell ornamentation, and in length of capsule. It may be confused with Tortula obtusifolia but that species has no trace of marginal dentition and is yellow in KOH.

    1 Leaves ovate to broadly lanceolate, tubulose but not concave or cucullate, apex acute, margins dentate above, costa percurrent.   Hennediella heimii var. heimii
    + Leaves broadly ovate to broadly elliptic, concave and often cucullate, apex usually obtuse, margins usually entire, costa often ending before the apex.   Hennediella heimii var. arctica

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